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14 January 2016 @ 11:36 pm
- More Crimson Peak

 photo White2.1_zpskaw4jwkz.png  photo TL1.1_zpspugaebcg.png  photo Thomas6_zpsfu8n3mxj.png  photo LE2.1_zpstxpx1fuj.png

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03 January 2016 @ 05:34 pm
After a long (reaaaally long time) I felt bores during the holidays and had like the right inspiration to come back. It seems like nobody is posting here at Livejournal these days, but I need a place to post my icons and I will always love this place. So there you have it: my two new obsessions - Crimson Peak (I just felt completely in love with Thomas and Edith) and Tom Hiddleston. Let's see if I still remember how to do it... (Contain movie spoilers)

- Preview
 photo 13_zpsj5dg86n5.png  photo 46.1_zpszpbvxkdn.png
 photo Z33.1_zpsgtqizfag.png  photo 17_zpslj4o1wul.png

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16 June 2010 @ 12:35 pm

132 images; 90x60

Preview the whole theme here.

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indescribable.gif image by lukacaps
Loved NaughtyPredatoryShocked
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04 June 2010 @ 03:17 pm

[288] LOST - "The End"

- Teaser

Finale30.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale61.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale79.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale148.png image by lulinh_k2
Finale137.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale133.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale261.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale427.png image by lulinh_k2
Finale175.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale205.png image by lulinh_k2 Finale225.png image by lulinh_k2 FlashJate2.gif image by lulinh_k2

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12 May 2010 @ 11:55 am

[001 - 013] Matthew Fox
[014 - 028] Matthew Fox & Emilie de Ravin
[029 - 238] LOST - "The Lighthouse"


- Teaser

Foxy17.png image by luka3-333 Foxy7.png image by luka3-333 Foxy-Ravin.png image by luka3-333 Foxy-Ravin9.png image by luka3-333
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LH191.png image by luka3-333 LH206.png image by luka3-333 LH230.png image by luka3-333 LH265.png image by luka3-333


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06 March 2010 @ 02:13 pm

Don´t ask.

[001 - 013] Matthew Fox
[014 - 024] Matthew Fox & Evangeline Lilly
[025 - 244] Lost - LA X


- Teaser

Jack11.png image by Luka_Season6 Foxy12.png image by Luka_Season6 FoxyEvi1.png image by Luka_Season6 FoxyEvi12.png image by Luka_Season6
LAX16.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX51.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX117.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX255.png image by Luka_Season6
LAX158.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX190.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX291.png image by Luka_Season6 LAX345.png image by Luka_Season6


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10 January 2010 @ 01:34 pm
[001 - 074] LOST - "Namaste"
[075 - 130] V - "It's Only the Beginning"
[131 - 174] Glee - various
[175 - 195] Stock

- Teaser

Namaste69.png image by luka3-333 Namaste22.png image by luka3-333 Namaste58.png image by luka3-333 Namaste81.png image by luka3-333
V2.png image by luka3-333 V31.png image by luka3-333 V36.png image by luka3-333 V58.png image by luka3-333
Glee15.png image by luka3-333 Glee22.png image by luka3-333 Stock10.png image by luka3-333 Stock14.png image by luka3-333

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29 December 2009 @ 08:10 pm
[001 - 057] V - "A Bright New Day"
[058 - 155] LOST - "A Tale Of Two Cities"
[156 - 163] Matthew Fox
[164 - 178] Stock

- Teaser

V4.png image by lukacaps V24.png image by lukacaps V49.png image by lukacaps V43.png image by lukacaps
ATOTC13.png image by lukacaps ATOTC69.png image by lukacaps ATOTC126.png image by lukacaps ATOTC111.png image by lukacaps
 Foxy7.png image by lukacaps Fox1.png image by lukacaps Stock20.png image by lukacaps Stock1.png image by lukacaps

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14 December 2009 @ 03:20 pm
[001 - 027] LOST - behind the scenes
[028 - 222] LOST - cast w/ Santa hats

- Teaser

bts24.png image by lulinh_k2 bts16.png image by lulinh_k2 bts5.png image by lulinh_k2 bts35.png image by lulinh_k2
Jate.png image by lulinh_k2 Jorge1.png image by lulinh_k2 Suliet-1.png image by lulinh_k2 Ben-1.png image by lulinh_k2
Desmond8.gif image by lulinh_k2 Jacob1.gif image by lulinh_k2 Vincent.gif image by lulinh_k2 FoxyEvi14.gif image by lulinh_k2

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07 December 2009 @ 10:53 am
[001 - 104] V - "There Is No Normal Anymore"
[105 - 175] LOST - "Follow The Leader"
[176 - 213] LOST - w/ Guns
[214 - 237] LOST - S6 promo poster

- Teaser

V65.png image by lulinhak_3 V95.png image by lulinhak_3 V136.png image by lulinhak_3 V127.png image by lulinhak_3
FTL30.png image by lulinhak_3 FTL24.png image by lulinhak_3 FTL32.png image by lulinhak_3 FTL51.png image by lulinhak_3
Guns3.png image by lulinhak_3 Guns61.png image by lulinhak_3 NewPromo16.png image by lulinhak_3 NewPromo25.png image by lulinhak_3

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