Oh God!

Back with Crimson Peak goodies

After a long (reaaaally long time) I felt bores during the holidays and had like the right inspiration to come back. It seems like nobody is posting here at Livejournal these days, but I need a place to post my icons and I will always love this place. So there you have it: my two new obsessions - Crimson Peak (I just felt completely in love with Thomas and Edith) and Tom Hiddleston. Let's see if I still remember how to do it... (Contain movie spoilers)

- Preview
 photo 13_zpsj5dg86n5.png  photo 46.1_zpszpbvxkdn.png
 photo Z33.1_zpsgtqizfag.png  photo 17_zpslj4o1wul.png

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